The Solomay Centre was born on 23/06/13

The name was given to with the exact details of what it was going to be. The actual briks and mortar have yet to be build buthistory1 my entire journey so far has taken me to this place . Sol = Sun , Solo = Come to it alone , May = the month of May for Birth , Mayday = SOS = call for help = Save our Souls , May is the beginning name of my family Maybank = is also a
national holiday in U.K. Solomay adds up to an 8 = Infinity sign . The design of the logo a snake can to me on 23-06-13 …..

I thought at the time it was a strange day to be born , but was unaware that 23 is an incredibly powerful number and much to my amazement came Brexit day 23-06-16 , Independence Day to Heart Centre of Earth which is Glastonbury Uk , greatest day of my life , so I knew something incredible was happening .


The fact that the first Solomay Centre of Excellence will be Athens is another long magical story that I’ve named Waking Up in Athens and this Centre is my way of thanking the Wonderful people’s of Greece who back in 2013 saved the life of my sister Holly who had had a horrific

boating accident whilst swimming in Sea in Lindos Rhodes.
The title of Waking Up in Athens came to me whilst my sister was in coma in Athens hospital , I thought it was she who was Waking Up but in fact I soon learned it was me who woke up in Athens as when I came here it felt like I was coming home , the rest is history and so the story goes on ….