Sophia’s Correction

Our children our being violated , indoctrinated , vaccinated , incarcerated, mutilated , terminated, castrated , dictated , isolated , miseducated, fornicated, exterminated, circumcised, victimised , ostracised , radicalised , chemicalized , traumatised , sodomised , dehumanised , chased , debased starved , carved , conned & bombed , drugged & mugged – left bereft , eaten & beaten , unnaturally aged , caged & enraged , worn & torn, weary & wary , constricted & conflicted , addicted & restricted , injected & infected , affected & neglected , abducted , corrupted , their natural joys being interrupted .

Sophia who is our Mother Earth says this is not what she wanted for her children she birthed .
So many of us have become sheep & mostly are all still asleep .
The sickness that ensues & all that it embues , goes way back in time , there are so many clues , that humans just excuse .
It’s only the mind that the sickness has entered , Sophia’s Correction starts when her words get vented . It starts with the Heart she cries to her children .


The elite have been running the show & they are the ones that have to go , bent bankers sitting on their thrones at the top , these are the ” people ” we have to stop ! Bring to justice these hideous cheats , when our young people sleep out on the streets . Dampened down by lack of purpose , these elite are here to curse us ! Wake up ! Wake up ! To Sophia’s call , she is not a spinning ball , she is alive & wants her children to thrive .
Let’s start with the heart , your only true guide & make a new start .
The minds been – Afflicted – Addicted – Corrupted ,
The hearts natural rhythms been interrupted .

Let’s us all be guided to Sophia’s wisdom , so humanity can get out of its prison .
The elite have brought us way to low , these are the “people” who have to go .
Our food is infected , eating meat that’s injected – it causes death & dying – please stop our animals from crying .
Let’s follow our hearts & make a new start .
Sophia designed us to have fun & play – Humanity has lost her way .
Let her be your guiding hand and let her lead you back to her land
Where her children play & her animals lay – together in the sun – where this time all begun .
The vibration of LOVE can be heard way above
The vein of fear brings a tear to Sophia .
All our hearts are meant to sing – let Sophia’s Correction truly begin .
Let me start the Solomay Centres – that all her peoples can start to enter – a place of fun , where we can all share – a new place for humans to care .
Sophia’s call can be heard by all , who make the effort to stand up tall

The call of the sea
The whispers of the trees
The call of the frog
The flight path of the bees
The call of nature
The call of the earth
The call of the drum
The rhythm of the moon
The call of the sun , where time begun

To all peoples of Her earth , the call of Sophia as she’s giving birth , to a whole new way of living as she is our Mother Earth .
Please listen to her callings , from the stirrings in your heart – let us all rejoice together as we make a brand new start .

Sophia warns us to prepare , the archontic presence is everywhere .
The toxo parasites got into our heads , that’s why most of us are walking as the living dead .
Reunify yourselves to your higher self
As some of us are going from a ten to eleven , let us remember to by pass heaven – as they lay in wait at heavens gate .
Remember to listen to Sophia’s call , she is not a spinning ball , she is alive & wants her children to thrive .
The earth may split from a one to a two , not all of her children are going to go through …
Please listen to her callings from the stirrings of your heart – Let’s us all rejoice together as we make a brand new start .

Gratitude to teachings of JLL