1TO1 SESSIONS  – Healing

At present, the Solomay Walk Your TalkTM retreats I run are organised on an ad-hoc basis, which means I have the flexibility to hold these anywhere in the world. They can be either fully-residential programmes lasting for a week to ten days or they can be run from a particular centre. People may attend the latter kind of retreat on a daily basis, over the same seven to ten days, but arrange their own meals and accommodation independently.

Both types of retreat can be ‘open’ Solomay Walk Your TalkTM retreats, where you book a place and attend as one of a limited number of guests, but I also organise bespoke Walk Your TalkTM retreats, where a client may ask me to set up a specially designed and run retreat for their own, private group.

Each attendee progresses on their personal journey through an exciting programme of events, treatments and therapies. Each day there will be one-to-one sessions and opportunities to share in groups too. The lynchpin of the retreat is my Five-Step Walk Your TalkTM bodywork healing, which is personal and private to each person and this is supported by workshops run by other leading healing professionals. The key supporting component to the bodywork healing is Nada Brahma – the world of sound. Sound can heal by touching us deeply and moving our energy through vibration, leading to the stillness of silence. I will perform the bodywork healings and David Ikonomou will lead the sound healing work. Group activities can include music, singing and sacred chanting, dance and movement and guided meditations. There is time designated for individual contemplation and self-reflection, which is essential to grow and move forwards out of the state that, until now, held you back.

David Ikonomou, a specialist in sound healing, will be running Soundbath Sessions, Musical Chakra Moving Meditation, Chanting Sanskrit Mantras and some gentle yoga sessions. The Soundbath Sessions will use didgeridoo, gongs and singing bowls to nurture the nervous system. It promotes a sense of peace and well-being, eases tension and soothes away stress in a relaxing, safe environment. Musical Chakra Moving Meditation will travel through the seven chakras accompanied by various music styles to inspire the body to move; these spontaneous impulses help people process emotions and issues they have held in their subconscious that may have been raised through the bodywork sessions. The Chanting Sanskrit Mantras pacify the mind and spirit through repetition of sounds that resonate through the core of the body. Gentle yoga will get the body energies flowing and still the mind. Interwoven between the bodywork healing treatments and personal time, this package of therapies gives attendees a wide scope of tools to encourage and drive the changes on their Walk Your Talk journey to total transformation.

Added to this, the retreats are run in stunning locations of great natural beauty and this assists with the healing process. There will be ample opportunity to explore your surroundings and use the world about you as additional inspiration for your passage to Rebirth.

Planned for the near future is a dedicated centre, The Solomay Centre. This centre will have a programme of different events, festivals and workshops, as well as the pivotal Walk Your TalkTM retreat programme. The final vision is for there to be a Solomay Walk Your Talk Community that lives at The Solomay Centre and we would offer the opportunity for people to come and experience living in the community on a short-term basis. Exciting times ahead indeed!

Readings … with a difference …delving deep

I am a professional reader and having been practising for over 20 years … my readings now encorporate delving into the subconscious as I’ve found over many years that’s it’s often the subconscious that hinder someone’s positive progress .. but removing the block then the reading can open up and Magic can happen ..

To give insight , clarity ,guidance using Oracle Stones collected from the beaches of Greece , Spain and U.K. … these stones will connect with your subconscious to understand and to clear any deep seated problems that may be holding you back in life .
Readings £€ 20 – 20 mins or £€ 50 per hour


WalkYourTalk tm

My Unique Healing Programme requires a 7 day slot for anyone ready for complete Tranformation . It will take youwalk your talk through the 5 cycles of Creation to remove, restore, rebalance your energy field , its is not designed for the faint hearted and will recalibrate you to a much higher vibratory rate in the ensuing months.

Please call to talk with me for this process.
Come work & stay with me for a week out of your life in Rhodes Retreat for a total Reset.

£800 per person per week excluding flights.

Or if you prefer group Energy come join us for Solomay Experience …. Check above Solomay Experience tab for dates.

This price includes all healings  food, accommodation.